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My most popular and, in environmental terms, perhaps my most important photo book—now available in six languages.


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MY MOST RECENT PHOTO BOOK is a mongraph on a spectcularly beautiful lake in Patagonia, shared between Chile and Argentina. We call this lake, Lago Chelenko, but that is only an informal name, not this lake's official name. To learn more, download a free copy of CHELENKO, The Thousand & One Faces of a Patagonian Lake, from the Electronic Photo Book page (click on the linke at left).

Additionally, my large-format book of landscape photographs, Unknown Patagonia, Chile's Secret South has taken on a life of its own. Like my other recent books, it's available both as a printed book and also as an electronic book, or eBOOK. But there is more to this story.

The book is a visual exploration of a precious and so-far unspoiled part of the world that I have really fallen in love with. But Central Chilean Patagonia, the Patagonia that no one knows, is a threatened landscape—threatend by destructive mega-dam projects and enormous ugly power-transmission lines. Because it is important to tell the story of this special place. I am distributing the eBOOK version of Unknown Patagonia, completely free, in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and most recently in a French version.

If you would like to buy the hardback version for your library I'd be flattered. (You will find instructions how to do so on the Printed Photo Books page.) In the meantime, please download the eBOOK version now by clicking on one of the links below ( Note: on some computers, you may need to right-click and select the Download-Linked-File option )


También en español. . . . . . .


Auch auf Deutsch. . . . . . . . . .


Also in Portuguese. . . . . . .


And now in Italian. . . . . . .


And now in French. . . . . . .




Enjoy this eBOOK, then share it with your friends, and with anyone you know who cares about protecting rare and beautiful places. This is not a polemical book, but a visual celebration of one of the most amazing landscapes on our planet.

I've also redesigned all my eBOOKs to look great on the new iPad. And I've come up with a new, and much simpler way of distributing these electronic versions of my printed ink-on-paper photo books. Also, my first three landscape books, long out of print, will soon be available again as on-demand art books. My printed books can now be previewed, before you order, with an amazing online BookShow widget. So for all this, and more, please be sure to visit the other Photo Book pages on this site, via the links above and left.
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