eBOOK versions of all my photo books are now available.

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A small sample eBOOK to get started




Electronic photo books are, in many ways, a dream come true. The dream of sharing my photography, and my excitement in the presence of the natural world, with many more people than ever before.


These "eBOOKs" are nothing more than richly illustrated PDF files that behave just like coffee-table photo books on your computer screen. In fact, they look great on iPad screens too. Once downloaded, they are yours, to browse through and enjoy at your leisure.


To see how these eBOOKz work, I recommend downloading Mexico & Memory first. It is a small sample eBOOK>


All my eBOOKs are set to open in so-called full-screen mode, on a black background, with no distracting menus. Typically they look their best when viewed with Adobe Reader, but Mac users who view PDF files with Apple's Preview app can also put these eBOOKs into a full-screen mode. It just takes one more step.


I hope you enjoy viewing my eBOOKs and I would love your feedback about them.


Good viewing!          Linde

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My latest eBook,


The Thouand & One Faces of a Patagonian Lake

is now available in both English and Spanish versions


To download the English version, click > HERE <


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For the last couple of years, I have been charging $5.00 for most of my eBOOKs. Not expensive at all. But the system I was using to sell each eBOOK, via a PayPal shopping cart and a tricky download system was too complex, too time consuming. A bother for you, and a bother for me.


So I am trying something different. You can download any of my eBOOKs and enjoy them, without paying. But if you feel they are special, and worth something to you, then I'd like to ask you to pay me something via the PayPal DONATE button here — it's up to you.

But my Unknown Patagonia eBOOK is an exception. Please, do not send me a penny for that one. I want as many people as possible to see it, and learn about this rare, beautiful, and potentially threatened region. So please help me spread the word. Enjoy my Unknown Patagonia eBOOK, then share it with as many people as you can. It's in a great cause.   Thanks!


Una versión español de este libro electrónico,

LA PATAGONIA DESCONOCIDA, ya está disponible.


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